My name is Hugo l. Gonzalez , I like to express my deepest appreciation for the support i just receive from your organization. As soldier I feel very honored that this nation respect you and appreciate so much, something that I consider was my duty and my mission. As a father and head of my family, I feel very blessed to receive the assistance that TAMCO is providing to my family during this situation that my family is sadly going through during the holidays. The great support and amount of hope we are receiving through this assistance will help me and my family continue forward and concentrate on our goal of not allowing this situation to repeat itself.


I am a Latin war veteran, and I was severely injured during combat in


Iraq. On June 21, 2004, I was on patrol with my unit and we were ambushed by Iraqi insurgents. During this attack, I was struck directly by the explosion of a mine. As a result of the blast, I suffered a direct penetrating traumatic injury to the brain. This injury resulted in the complete loss of vision in my right eye. A fragment of the bomb also penetrated my left eye leaving a hole in my macula. Due to the extent of the injuries to my eyes, I have been declared as legally blind.


From the battle field, I was evacuated to the military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany and then finally to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. During my long and extensive recovery, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic epilepsy and post-traumatic migraines, due to the Traumatic Brain Injury and cerebral damage I suffered. My process of recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center was extended by 2 years.

I am a Florida resident and I live with my wife Any Y. Gonzalez , in Pembroke pines. Any and I have now been blessed with 3 wonderful and beautiful daughters; Leila, and Leilany, age 4 and Lorelei age 3. Any has been there to hold me up when I have collapsed and has built a loving home for both my daughters and myself. Any has shown both courage and a lifetime of love during trying and difficult times as our life and love for each other continues to grow.


She is my truly heroine, with out her I would never be here at this time. for that reason I like to say thank you once again for this great help , and opportunity your organization is giving to my family and myself to keep pushing forward and each day be closer to being a better and useful citizen of this estate and nation.




Spc . Hugo L. Gonzalez