Dear TAMCO Foundation,

The Cybrix group has proudly supported TAMCO’s Foundation “Embracing Florida’s Wounded Heroes” Program since its inception. As a proud member of our Community and supporter of our military, the Cybrix Group is honored to promote, team with and support this endeavor. In the short time since its beginning, the TAMCO foundation’s support to our local Wounded and their families has been nothing short of amazing- from building a driveway for an Army leg amputee to their most recent

“home for the Holidays” program. Cybrix, in turn, is also proud to sponsor TAMCO’s annual fishing tournament which has grown to easily one of the best in the Tampa Bay region!


These young men and women who sacrificed so much, whose families stand by their sides, whose children continue to love their mother and father, need our uplifting embrace and support.

Embracing Florida’s wounded heroes is exactly what is needed. I believe that providing emergency financial assistance, family programs and support when the family transitions from active duty is an integral part of inserting our heroes back into society in a productive manner. The TAMCO Foundation has the unique ability and opportunity to fill this need in Florida.




Tim H. Jones


The Cybrix Group, Inc.